Time becomes an illusion when it starts to lose Meaning. And Meaning is what we care for, not Time.


Although the title predisposes you to a philosophical discussion, I am very far from the idea of giving you any useless information here.

Is Time ticking away? How much is left for you and how much do YOU have left? How much of what you have you actually need? Are you living in a mere illusion of time-existence and suddenly become delusional in the sense that at some point you simply get lost? .

Too much theory!

They say you think you have it until you realize you’ve got less than you thought. Maybe you’re in self-denial as if Time was something eternal. Or maybe you’ve thought about it and ended up more confused than ever. Perhaps you prefer to live as if your days will last forever.

What’s Time then? Has it been given to you for granted? Is it some sort of a birth gift? If so, what have you done with it and how do you assess it (if you believe it is something measurable)?

Before I continue with my time-related ideas, I want you to think of time as an empty object. This could be a box, or a house, or any other filled with emptiness entity.

The next step I want you to take is to start filling the object of your preferences with whatever you want: other items, people or anything that makes sense to you, anything that YOU FEEL belongs there.

Now let’s suppose that time is an equation of Life with Мeaning. In honour of Math-lovers, the equation will look like this:


It seems that Time is measurable after all, isn’t it?!

I bet you already know where I’m headed. I want to make you realize that Time, Life and Meaning are a combination of your life, your SELF and what gives meaning to your existence.

Time becomes eternal when your life becomes meaningless. And Meaning is just an amalgam of the ingredients YOU add to YOUR Life.

What about Time? Well, you can only recognize the full worth of Time when you start living a worthwhile life. On the other hand, you start caring about Time when you stop caring about what brings meaning to your life. And when you stop caring about what brings meaning to your life, you stop living life and simply start to exist as a physical matter.

Time, my dear Rebel, is about learning how to juggle and appreciate what you have right here, right now!

And Meaning? Meaning belongs to us, humans.

Attach meaning to people, not objects! People bring meaning to your life. Objects are for decoration.