ySome people don’t realize the deep meaning of decision-making. We often live our lives completely lost in thoughts falsely believing that we are actually taking some action. Every decision we make on a daily basis shapes our current reality. These decisions shape us as people and what we actually follows after these decisions.

For example, if we are not happy with the results we are achieving now, trying to change the way we make decisions is key to the person we want to become and the life we want tomorrow.

Below you can find a few ways that will help you make life-changing decisions:


1) Unleash the power of decision-making


Before you make a decision, it’s good to know what power lies behind it. Each decision has its consequences in the form of upcoming events. It is important to understand that making a decision means that you agree and accept the consequences.

Realizing the power of decision-making, you will gain more clarity. This, on the other hand, will help you “predict” your future. If you’re aware of the possible consequences, you’re more likely to start making healthier decisions to support your goals.


2) Listen to your inner voice


We often take too much time to make a decision because we are afraid of the potential outcome. We may even spend time carefully planning, analyzing and thinking about the advantages and disadvantages. And that, on the other hand, is intensive and straining our minds.

Instead, learn to follow your inner voice because it usually tells you what is the right decision or what you really want.

Even if it turns out that you have ultimately made the “wrong” decision, trusting your gut makes you more confident in making any decisions than those that take an infinite amount of time to decide exactly what to do and whether to do it at all.


3) Follow your decisions


When you make a decision, act and dedicate yourself to the real decision How do you know what’s real?

This is the decision that is accompanied by action. It’s pointless to make a decision and play some scenario in your head while not doing anything about it. 

If you want to achieve real change, it is good to get into the habit of acting every time you consciously make a decision until you achieve it. This whole process will make you feel more confident when you take your next step.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: No matter what decision you make, prepare for all possible consequences. Weigh the consequences of your choices with those of your own goals. Otherwise, you’d feel like you’re blinded by life or, in other words, that you keep making wrong decisions for yourself.

4) Maintain a flexible approach


It may sound illogical, but making a decision doesn’t mean you can’t be open to other options.

A simple example: you decide to lose 5 kg in the next month only with a cardio program. At the same time, if you’re given another way to lose weight, you don’t have to limit yourself to cardio. You can combine it with a diet, for example.

Instead of stubbornly choosing a single way, open your mind to new knowledge and alternatives that would help you achieve your goal.


5) Learn from past decisions


Learning from the decisions we have made in the past can be an excellent basis on which to base our future decisions.

If you take into account our past successes and mistakes, you can ask yourself the following question:

What can I do differently this time to succeed?

The truth is, sometimes it’s possible to make a mistake in decision-making, and instead of beating yourself up you can choose to learn something from them.

What was positive about the decision you made? What was the negative? What can you learn from this decision so that you can do better in the future?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If you want to see your past, look at your present. If you want to see your future, look at the actions you’re taking today!


6) Feel the excitement of making new decisions


Although the process may not be the most fun thing in the world, when we start practicing it more often, it becomes a game of opportunity discovery.

We learn a lot about ourselves in the aftermath and become much more confident and at the same time confident in the people around us.

Decision-making will become easier over time and at some point you won’t even have to think about it. Every decision you make from now on has the potential to profoundly impact your live. The possibilities are ahead of you.


Reflective questions:


  • Question 1) Are there aspects of your life where you’d like to get better results? How has your way of thinking, your emotions, your habits, and your beliefs influenced your present?
  • Question 2) What decision can you make to achieve better results in these aspects of your life tomorrow?

Now take a pen and a paper and spend 5-10 minutes to answer these questions. 


Source :

Kain Ramsay, The Academy of Modern, Applied Psychology , 2018