Emotions play a crucial part in our upbringing as individuals and have a significant impact on us as professionals. We possess strong intuitions and a great amount of our decisions are made by following our intuitions. We have self-perception and assume how others might be and what we should or shouldn’t do in certain situations. 

Unfortunately, there are people who simply ignore their intuitive calls for changes and the signals that may be imperative for their overall well-being.

We’ve often been told that our feelings are not the best adviser. And maybe it is true. But what if they DO tell us something that could take us to a higher level? What if we misinterpret the relationship between our feelings and our emotions? Are they two different aspects of what we call “intuition” or are they inter-related?


Imagine if as a child you’ve been taught to push down your feelings and that trusting them won’t take you far. Maybe it would be easier to believe that what we constantly do is based on how we think, and how we think is the only right option that would guarantee us success and happiness. Well, it’s not true. Above all, it’s wrong!

By allowing you to freely experience your emotions you feed your natural hunger for sharing. What does sharing have to do with your emotions?

First, the human animal is a social animal and second, as a species that hugely relies on its intuitions, we have the urge to share what we know and feel. However, I also know that this doesn’t promise you any success either. But the fact that you’re aware of your feelings and you let yourself express them, gives you more chances to learn whether you can trust them or not, in which situations you can and in which you cannot.

Sadly, some people have been taught to deafen their feelings, and the more they ignore them, the more likely they’re not going to trust their emotions.


What will happen when you shut down your emotional system?

You will only think what will happen, what do your interlocutor’s words mean? Why is she saying what she’s saying? Maybe she doesn’t mean it but maybe she does?

This is what I call “The vicious circle of impotent thoughts.”

You will stay as clueless as you were before these questions popped out in your head.

Once you start doubting other people’s words and behaviour it’s unlikely that you’d find a reason why to trust them.

Let’s go back to your childhood.


If your childhood and adolescence were wrapped around insecurities and the inability to freely express your feelings prevailed, then you will continue to experience similar problems as a grown up. Not in vain psychologists claim that we create contradictions while we mature and look for possible reasons by examining our childhood. Therefore, bear this in mind and go back to your childhood again. Maybe there is something and someone there that instilled unnecessary fears that affect your life as a person.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose you meet a new person and for no known reason you feel like something pushes you away. You don’t trust them. It’s as if you talk to them and believe they are lying to you. However, though you may not want to react in such a manner but you still sense danger (to put it like that) and you keep your eyes open. Do you know what could happen?

Chances are you’ll find out that you’re right more than you’re wrong. You will realize that your senses were right, that you shouldn’t trust that person. Perhaps you are right indeed. But do you know why you will finally convince yourself that you’re right when you’re not?

Many times it’s because you find what you look for. It’s simple as that. Also, there’s no human being that is perfect. We cannot always fulfil the requirements and meet the expectations of other people. I know, there are no guarantees in life but if you are prepared to be lied and betrayed, you soon will be. Again, the principles of the law of attraction. You attract what you transmit.


What is that you transmit today?