Group workshops

Your ability to position yourself well in a group setting is crucial for your relationships with others. In our group workshops we will work together as one team and as individuals, sharing experiences, thoughts and visions. We will learn how to recognise other people’s efforts, struggles and emotions and how to let ourselves be the people we are, regardless of what and who others expect us to be.

Have you ever thought about what you can change in order to live a life based on the truth about who you really are?

Why are our workshops for you?

Our 3-hour interactive workshops will give you the opportunity and time to stop for a moment, catch your breath and think about that. You will be able to identify your values and goals and find the things that bring you inner peace.

You will learn how to focus on your priorities, set goals and find your personal drives to achieve them.

What is an eco model for setting goals?

Every day we make choices about what we do or don’t do. Each of these choices (no matter how small they are) affects and will affect the results we achieve in our lives.

Have you ever thought that if the goals that people set are fundamentally selfish, even if they continue to fulfill them, they will not find true satisfaction?

The effective way to determine what we want in life (and also to understand what’s holding us back) is by asking ourselves a series of questions.

In order to find the passion in our lives, we need to be ready to get to know ourselves well. We need to know what motivates us, what inspires us, what excites us, what scares us, what we do well, what we claim we want, but also what we don’t want, and what lies we tell ourselves.

When we get to know ourselves, only then will we be able to determine what’s more important in our limited time that we have in a day, a year, and even throughout our lives.

In Zero Camouflage, one of the most challenging workshops is precisely this – Eco model for setting goals.


What are mistaken* beliefs?

Definition: Baseless beliefs that are a product of our fears, hardened and limited thinking: thinking that we have chosen as ours but has been imposed on us by a third party — parent, friend, partner, society.

We can choose to look at life based on feelings, beliefs, or facts. Why are people who choose (albeit unconsciously) to live, driven by their feelings, feel like a yo-yo? And why others whose lives are based on bevelled beliefs “what should things be,” remain frustrated? Are the people who believe in facts really the most balanced ones?

It’s crucial to understand ourselves in order to choose our behaviors as well.. Our self-confidence is rooted not in what we do, but on who we are.

Mistaken* beliefs confuse a person’s life. The person who finds justification in “that’s just how life is.”

In the workshop “Mistaken* Beliefs” we will question our current system of beliefs. We’re going to analyze how we got to believing what we believe, how we built this system of beliefs, or did we just borrow it from someone because it was easier without thinking about how these beliefs affect our lives? Are there facts that justify these beliefs? During the workshop we will realize that our accomplishments do NOT define our personality and character. 

Each individual session is 90 minutes in which I will help you (with your help) learn:

  • how to accept, respect and love yourself
  • how to live up to your own expectations
  • why the decisions you have made so far make you feel dissatisfied
  • what is the key to your self-realization
  • which beliefs and convictions hinder your personal and professional progress
  • how and what thoughts affect your feelings
  • how to build and strengthen relationships with people,
  • you like and love
  • how to reprogram your thinking to change your life for the better
  • how to live a more fulfilled life